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Trefoil – An adjustable at time of surgery All-on-Three Option from NobelBiocare

Nobel Biocare’s All-on-3 Trefoil system enables increased precision as well as adaptive implant surgery, that automatically adjusts to any deviations that will inevitably be experienced during the implant placement process using an innovative universal ball-joint design to a pre-manufactured arch bar. The innovative universal joint can accommodate up to 4 degrees of angular deviation, 0.4mm of horizontal deviation and 0.5mm of vertical deviation. This state of the art system enables many benefits for the dental professional, as it allows teeth

Watch Sales Recovery May Be A Good Signal for Dental Implants

Dental implant makers lost their shine as a recession-proof investment during the global crisis, which turned fixing smiles into a luxury for consumers who struggled to pay for non-essential work on their mouths. “In spite of their rather functional nature, implants are similar to luxury goods in the sense that they are expensive, discretionary items,” Jefferies analyst Stephan Gasteyger said. The dental implant market earned a reputation for being recession-proof by maintaining double-digit growth rates in prior downturns, but the

Straumann releases Guided Surgery Kit

Among the new products presented by Straumann at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany is a comprehensive instrument kit for guided implant surgery. The kit contains all the instruments, drills, profilers and taps needed to place Straumann implants with surgical templates currently made with open-library (non-exclusive) 3D software systems, including IVS, Materialise, med3D, iDent, and siCAT.

Thommen Medical releases new Implant Packaging – APLIQUIQ

Swiss implant manufacturer, Thommen Medical, have developed a new implant packaging system which allows chairside surface conditioning of their implant. The applicator makes effective chairside surface conditioning fast and intuitive. In a matter of seconds, the conditioning agent contained in the applicator hydroxylates the implant surface to achieve the super-hydrophilic INICELL surface. During the chairside conditioning with APLIQUIQ the surface chemistry is slightly modified by hydroxylation. The result of this process is increased surface energy and improved wettability. The superhydrophilic

BioImplant: Individualized Zirconium Dental Implants

Austrian Surgeons have designed a system to produce via CAD/CAM individualized Zirconium Dental Implants for use in case of immediate implant placement. In short, after a tooth is extracted it is scanned and a zirconium copy is milled. The milled copy has macro-retentive features which help secure the new implant in the extraction socket. They report a 90% success rate.

Straumann`s Roxolid TiZr Alloy Implant in 2009

Straumann revealed a new implant material, Roxolid [Rock-Solid], a Titanium- Zirconium alloy that is 50% stronger than pure titanium. Initial animal studies show a significant increase in removal torque values over Straumann`s current SLActive titanium implants. Human trials are underway in Europe and North America. Straumann expects to have the design released for initial markets in 2009.

Emdogain – Available in the USA again

The FDA has reinspected the BIORA facility and is satisfied with the improvements made. Because the focus of the observations was on the maintenance of quality system documentation and procedures, changes to Straumann® Emdogain, Straumann® PrefGel and Straumann® BoneCeramic were not needed in order to resolve the FDA issues. Straumann has changed the delivery mechanism of Straumann® PrefGel from a pipette to a syringe, which will help to ensure easier, more effective handling of the root conditioner.

Dark-Field Xray Imaging Improves Diagnostic Resolution

Swiss Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute have developed a novel method for producing dark-field x-ray images at wavelengths used in typical medical and industrial imaging equipment. Dark-field images provide more detail than ordinary x-ray radiographs and could be used to diagnose the onset of osteoporosis, breast cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. Unlike traditional x-ray images, which show a simple absorption contrast, dark-field images capture the scattering of the radiation within the material itself, exposing subtle inner changes in bone, soft

Nobel Vision Network – Digital Signage in the Office

Creative Marketing and Merchandising Media Solutions (c3ms), a provider of digital signage networks, recently announced the launch of the NobelVision Network throughout North America. The NobelVision Network is a customized channel of dental healthcare information specifically designed to educate the patients of Nobel Biocare`s customers on their dental options by delivering quality educational, informational and entertainment segments via an IP-based, networked narrowcast system. Presented on large flat-panel screens installed in dental offices, the NobelVision Network provides a unique opportunity for

ITI Treatment guide 2 – Loading Protocols in Partially Dentate Patients

The ITI (International Team for Implantology) has released their second hardcover treatment guide. Volume 2 of the ITI Treatment Guide deals with the clinical aspects of various treatment protocols in the anterior and posterior regions for both single- and multi-tooth gaps as well as for free-end situations. Besides an analysis of recent literature on the topic of “Loading protocols in implant dentistry”, volume 2 of the ITI Treatment Guide provides the practitioner with a framework for risk analysis and subsequent

Nobel Overdenture

Nobel Biocare has released a one-piece implant design `NobelOverdenture` for use in edentulous situations. It features narrow diameter and one piece for ease of handling. It promises to deliver a cost-effective option to secure dentures.

Straumann`s new Bone Level Implant

Straumann has released their new implant – the `bone level` implant. It features the SLActive surface all the way up to the top of the implant. The abutments are anatomically shaped and feature a `platform-switching` concept. It appears that this design is a response to concerns regarding esthetics and recession with implants in the esthetic zone. Straumann reports that `Intermediate data from the first clinical study show excellent esthetic results with regard to both hard and soft tissues indicating a

Straumann`s Drill Stops

Straumann has released a set of drill stops for use with their single-use implant drills. The color coded drill stops come in a kit designed for a specific depth e.g 8mm. The small size of the drill stops offer an optimum view of the treatment area and openings on the drill stops facilitate irrigation and removal of bone chips.

Nobel Biocare CEO Replaced

Nobel Biocare`s CEO Heliane Canepa has been replaced. Domenico Scala has been named its new chief executive, replacing Heliane Canepa, as of Sept 1, 2007. Nobel Biocare Chairman, Rolf Soiron, explained the decision to replace Canepa by saying: `An international company of this size should not be so greatly identified with a single person as has been the case at Nobel Biocare`. Swiss Sunday paper, SonntagsZeitung, reported Heliane Canepa has come under fire over allegations that the Swedish-Swiss dental implant


Nobel Biocare released another implant design called `NobelActive` at their world conference in Las Vegas. This design features a new thread pattern. They claim that: `The one-stage implant features a unique shape and a new thread design with a “self-drilling” capability to facilitate drilling protocols in areas of narrower osteotomy. The product is easy to use and provides high initial stability and good outcomes. NobelActive(tm) has been designed for increased soft tissue volume at the head of the implant, resulting

US ban on Biora Products costs Straumann 10 million Swiss Francs

The continuing FDA ban on importation of Biora`s Emdogain and Bone Substitute has cost parent company Straumann 10 million Swiss francs (8.14 million US$). Straumann chief executive Gilbert Achermann described the loss as `painful`. He furthermore stated that `The US FDA will reinspect our facility in Malmo, but we are not in a position to say when this will happen, If all goes well`, Biora products `could be reintroduced in the US in the first quarter of this year,` Additionally,

Nobel Biocare`s Ti-Unite to feature BMP-2 coating

Swiss implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare has signed an exclusive agreement with Wyeth Pharmaceutical manufacturer of Bone Morphogenic Protein rhBMP-2. They claim that: `TiUnite(r) will serve as the foundation for the next generation of dental implants with the potential of eliminating the need to graft and use of membranes. Nobel Biocare is currently in clinical testing of an implant designed to create its own bone. This implant will be treated with a bone morphogenetic protein rhBMP-2 (a recombinant version of a

Novartis acquires 10% stake in Thommen Medical

Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant has taken a 10% stake in Swiss dental implant manufacturer Thommen Medical. According to a press release, Novartis`s stake will rise to 20% later in the summer. Andreas Stutz, Thommen Medical CEO says: “Novartis is a strategic partner for us. This opens completely new possibilities in the area of research. The understanding of soft-tissue and bone biology becomes more and more important for the producers of dental implants. Furthermore, we see the interest of Novartis

Straumann Twist Drill Pro

Straumann has updated their wide diameter implant twist drill design with a rounded apical profile ending in a flat tip to allow for more accurate osteotomy preparation. They claim that `the rounded flat-end tip facilitates safe drill positioning and ensures secure drill centering in the implant bed. The defined direction is maintained throughout the entire drilling process.`

Straumann acquires Etkon for 100 milion euro

The friendly takeover is Straumann`s largest to date and will position the group as a “one-stop shop” by providing solutions such as bone augmentation as well as implants and prosthetics, the firm said. “Overall it is a positive strategic move. They are copying the strategy of other major competitors, such as Nobel Biocare, by providing both implants and prosthetics,” said Vontobel analyst Christoph Gubler. Straumann has struggled to match Nobel`s presence in the U.S., where fewer dentists have used implants

ITI Treatment Guide Vol-1 Published

Straumann’s academic partner, the International Team for Implantology (ITI), introduced the first Volume of the ITI Treatment Guide in cooperation with Quintessence publishing. Volume 1, entitled `Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone – Single-Tooth Replacements` was introduced to the professional community at the EAO’s 15th Annual Scientific Meeting in Zurich.It takes its readers through the entire process, starting with the assessment of the patient’s individual esthetic risk profile and proceeding to through ideal three-dimensional implant placement and proven prosthetic management

GEM 21S – Recombinant human platelet derived growth factor (rhPDGF-BB)

Osteohealth`s GEM 21S is a wound healing and bone regeneration technology termed growth-factor enhanced matrix (GEM). It has recently become available for clinical use. This graft material consists of a concentrated solution of pure recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor (rhPDGF-BB), the synthetic form of the body’s key natural wound healing stimulator PDGF-BB, and an osteoconductive (bone scaffold) matrix. This is the first available purified, recombinant (synthetic) growth factor product and is the result of over a decade of extensive research.

FDA sends `Warning Letter` to Straumann`s Biora

In the course of a routine inspection of Biora AB, Straumann`s oral regenerative product company in Sweden, in October 2006, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigator made a number of observations predominantly concerning maintenance of quality system documentation and procedures associated with the company`s products. Biora has received a “warning letter“ from the FDA, which indicated that its “dental bone grafting materials“ are on import detention in the U.S., until the inspectional observations are resolved. No other countries

Straumann`s Hydrogel-based Membrane

Preclinical results were presented recently at the EAO meeting for Straumann`s innovative hydrogel-based membrane, which confirmed the product`s efficacy and ease of handling. The first clinical trial was successfully completed in the third quarter, with each of the endpoints being met. On this basis, applications for regulatory clearance should be submitted in the current quarter. Straumann and Kuros Biosurgery, a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute, ETHZ and the University of Zurich, applied for a patent on this technology in

Ceramic VectoDrill Set

Thommen Medical has redesigned their VECTOdrill™ twist drills in a high-strength, alumina-toughened zirconia (ATZ). The drills` ATZ ceramic ensures efficient and consistent cutting performance throughout the life of the twist drill. The pilot drill design features a high efficiency cutting tip which initiates the pilot hole without the need for a round bur and has the ability to cut laterally to correct osteotomy location. These are similar in design to the MIS ceramic drills reported on previously.

BioFunctional Implant Coating – US Patent Issued

Straumann has received a US patent for a bioactive coating for their implants. Their modified sandblasted and acid-etched (SLA) surface is coated with an Arg–Gly–Asp (RGD)-peptide-modified polymer (PLL-g-PEG/PEG–RGD). According to a study by Danny Buser, RGD-coated implants demonstrated significantly higher percentages of bone-to-implant contact as compared with controls at 2 weeks. The hypothesized mechanism is that the attachment of RGD peptides directed towards integrin receptors on the PEGylated surface promotes adhesion of cells of mesenchymal origin e.g. osteoblasts to the

Straumann`s Peek/Titanium Composite Implant? – US Patent Pending

Straumann has filed a US patent application for a Peek/Titanium composite one-piece Implant. This implant design features an outer titanium shell (label 1 and 2) and an inner core made of PEEK (label 3 and 4). This designs claims the aesthetic advantage of the white-coloured PEEK at the collar and abutment with the proven osseointegration properties of titanium. This is an interesting design response to the number of zirconium collar (TBR Group) and all zirconium implant (Z-Systems) designs.

SLActive – New Hydrophilic Implant Surface Treatment

Straumann has introduced an improvement in their SLA implant surface. SLActive is based on the scientifically proven SLA® surface topography, but exhibits a fundamentally improved surface chemistry. Due to its ideal conditioning, the chemically active and hydrophilic SLActive surface significantly promotes the osseointegration process. Animal studies demonstrate that their new surface allows for accelerated bone remodelling during the entire osseointegration process.