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Implant Wars : The Rise of the Clones

Numerous dental implant company`s have sprung up over the last 3 years that aim to deliver either very similar designs or almost direct copies of established company`s design. These clone implants are often substantially less expense i.e. 1/4 the cost of full service dental implant company`s implants. In addition to mimicking the implant, they have also expanded into compatible prosthetic parts and coverscrews. Especially prominent clone makers Blue Sky Bio (Clone: Straumann, Nobel Biocare and Zimmer) and Dr. Niznick`s Implant Direct (Clone: Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Astra, Zimmer, 3i) are an attractive temptation during less sunny economic times. With some newer designs from the large manufacturers costing close to $500US for the implant and coverscrew, the $100US “out the door” pricing argument of the clone makers is compelling.
The Large Manufacturer`s Argument: We invest huge sums in R&D, Service and Support so we want a return on our investment.
The Clones` Argument: Marketing+Distribution+Recruitment of Opinion Leaders = 50% the cost of overhead – we dispense with that and pass on the savings to the dentist.
Both are reasonable arguments. One thing is for sure, competition is never a bad thing.

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