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Autoscan DS-EX

The Autoscan DS-EX offers unprecedented dental scanning technology in terms of both accuracy and efficiency.

AutoScan DS-EX 3D Scanner

This desktop sized 3D dental scanner (pictured above) uses the latest in 3D structured light technology and allows the user to simultaneously scan up to 8 dies, without the loss of accuracy or detail. The software also offers the capability to scan various impression modes, with increased post-processing capability with continuous scanning. A full list of specifications can be found at .

In short, this small piece of kit has incredible potential in a number of applications, due to its size, ease of use and the quality of data that is produced. It is also compatible with most of the main CAD/CAM software used in the industry and also supports scanning of most 3D articulators on the market, thanks to the fully open software. Autoscan DS-EX has real potential for both professional (dental clinics) and educational (colleges) development.


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