BioImplant`s CAD/CAM Immediate Implant – A New Paradigm?

BioImplant, an Austrian company, has developed the BioImplant, a CAD/CAM Zirconium implant used in immediate placement. The hopeless tooth is extracted gently by means of a periotome to avoid any damage to the extraction socket, which is to be used as implant site. Particular care has to be taken not to destroy the thin buccal cortical bone. The root of the extracted tooth or an impression of the extraction socket serves as basis for the production of the individualized immediate implant. Macro-retentions, strictly limited to the interdental space, are designed, the buccal and lingual face is slightly reduced and a crown stump is constructed for later connection to the crown in the laboratory. The prepared root is then laser scanned and the implant milled from a medical-grade Zirconia block, the surface is roughened by sandblasting and sintered for eight hours to achieve the desired mechanical properties. Thereafter the implant is cleaned in an ultrasonic bath containing 96% ethanol for 10 minutes, packaged and steam sterilized. Within 10 hours the customized root analogue implant is ready for use.

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One Response to BioImplant`s CAD/CAM Immediate Implant – A New Paradigm?

  1. Alexandre Alves says:

    There´s a new treatment coming up.That´s good news.

    I´d like to knnow if this kind of implant is already being placed in patients around the world and how the Surgeon manage to insert this kind implant.

    I´m looking forward hearing more about this new alternative.
    Thanks in advance,


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