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Densah Burs – OsseoDensification Bur Kit

Versah, a company started by Michigan Periodontist, Dr. Salah Huwais , have designed a
set of multi-fluted osseodensification burs for implant placement. Osseodensification is a novel, biomechanical, non-excavation  preparation method that compacts and autografts bone during the osteotomy. The burs will remove bone when spun clockwise, however when spun counterclockwise they collect and compact bone chips into the osteotomy wall and result in greater local bone density and higher insertion torques. They can also be
used for internal sinus lifts and ridge expansion.

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No Cement, No Screws , Yes Memory Metal Retention – RodoMedical

To cement or to screw – that is the question. Not anymore, startup RODO Medical has added a new option. Reversible retention using a shape memory metal dental retention RodoMedicalsystem which uses one or more compression plates made from various shape memory materials, e.g., nickel-titanium alloys such as Nitinol. By applying energy via heat or electrical energy, the memory metal elements change shape. To remove a crown, energy is applied via a wand and the memory metal retentive element shape shifts allowing the crown to me removed, thus avoiding the need for pulling, tugging or cutting to get the crown off the implant. A bonus is that no cement is involved avoiding the risk of cement-induced peri-implantitis and bone loss. Straumann has acquired approximately 12% of RODO Medical’s shares for an undisclosed sum and ClearChoice has announced a strategic alliance between the two companies. Rodo Medical has 8 patents on this technology.

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Odontis Ltd. awarded US Patent for Stem-Cell Tooth Regeneration

Dr. Paul Sharpe`s company Odontis Ltd. has been awarded US Patent #7588936 for the regeneration of teeth primordia using bone marrow cells. Bone marrow cells may be employed to generate teeth without the need for purification and expansion of a population of cells. The group of British scientists claim that they have figured out a way to make dentures obsolete, with the power of stem cells. Simply put, stem cells taken from a patient will be used to grow a bunch of cells that will grow into a tooth. The cells will then be implanted in an incision in the patient’s gum. Even more amazing, the process of “nudging” the stem cells to turn into a “ball of cells” that will in turn become a tooth supposedly takes only two weeks. The scientists have formed a company, Odontis, to capitalize on their technique, and they are calling their (potential) product the BioTooth.

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US Patent Issued: Implant with 2 anti-rotational elements

A US patent has been issued to Biomet 3i for an implant which features two anti-rotational elements. One anti-rotational feature is adapted to engage a driving tool, while the other anti-rotational feature is adapted to engage an abutment. An implant abutment system is provided with an angled abutment adapted to mate with one of the anti-rotational features. A second, straight abutment is adapted to engage with the other anti-rotational feature. An abutment is provided with resilient fingers to interface with the implant and provide tactile and audible feedback indicating when the abutment is properly seated. An abutment screw extends through the abutment and engages the implant bore distal of the stem of the abutment. The abutment screw limits axial movement of the abutment relative to the implant. A driving tool comprising one of at least retention structure and visual alignment indicia is provided to facilitate screwing the implant into a patient`s bone.

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Apparatus for simulating interdental papilla- US Patent Issued

A novel implant based solution for stimulating interdental/interimplant papilla was recently granted a US Patent. The solution involves the placement of a small tack between the implants, which acts as a scaffold for papilla formation.

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Device for Ultrasonic Imaging of Jaws – US Patent Issued

Imadent was issued a US Patent for its ultrasonic jaw imaging system. The system includes a specially configured ultrasonic probe, a position locator module for defining the probe location and transmitting the definition to a computer which re-assembles the image. Imadent is one of the first companies that has been able to use ultrasound technologies to create high-resolution, cross-sectional images of hard tissues such as bone. The company’s technology allows for real-time imaging of a patient’s jaw during dental surgery, increasing the safety and efficacy and lowering the cost of dental implantation and other dental surgical procedures. “Imadent’s technology uses ultrasound, a harmless imaging technology, to image hard tissues such as bones, and that is a major breakthrough,” said BioEnterprise Corporation President Matt Jennings. “The proper placement of dental implants is critical as misplacement can cause permanent nerve or sinus damage. Imadent’s technology can significantly lessen the possibility of such damage, making the procedure safer, more affordable, and thus more attractive to both patients and clinicians.”

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Straumann`s Hydrogel-based Membrane

Preclinical results were presented recently at the EAO meeting for Straumann`s innovative hydrogel-based membrane, which confirmed the product`s efficacy and ease of handling. The first clinical trial was successfully completed in the third quarter, with each of the endpoints being met. On this basis, applications for regulatory clearance should be submitted in the current quarter. Straumann and Kuros Biosurgery, a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute, ETHZ and the University of Zurich, applied for a patent on this technology in 2003.

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Straumann`s Peek/Titanium Composite Implant? – US Patent Pending

Straumann has filed a US patent application for a Peek/Titanium composite one-piece Implant. This implant design features an outer titanium shell (label 1 and 2) and an inner core made of PEEK (label 3 and 4). This designs claims the aesthetic advantage of the white-coloured PEEK at the collar and abutment with the proven osseointegration properties of titanium. This is an interesting design response to the number of zirconium collar (TBR Group) and all zirconium implant (Z-Systems) designs.

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Straumann`s New Asymmetrical Implant? – US Patent Pending

Straumann has filed a US patent application for a root-form implant with an asymmetrical shoulder. It appears similar to their current TE implant design, with the addition of a sloping shoulder configuration higher on the palatal side and lower on the facial side. This may be their design response to NobelBiocare`s Nobel Perfect implant originally patented by Dr. Wohrle.

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