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Densah Burs – OsseoDensification Bur Kit

Versah, a company started by Michigan Periodontist, Dr. Salah Huwais , have designed a
set of multi-fluted osseodensification burs for implant placement. Osseodensification is a novel, biomechanical, non-excavation  preparation method that compacts and autografts bone during the osteotomy. The burs will remove bone when spun clockwise, however when spun counterclockwise they collect and compact bone chips into the osteotomy wall and result in greater local bone density and higher insertion torques. They can also be
used for internal sinus lifts and ridge expansion.

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Magnetic Mallet from Sweden and Martina

magnetic malletItalian Manufacturer Sweden and Martina’s Magnetic Mallet is an innovative tool for Dental Surgery and Implantology. The magnetic mallet’s main application is in the maxillary sinus for use in bone compaction protocols and vertical and horizontal compaction. It is also useful in cases that call for the use of a surgical hammer. 
The device exploits electromagnetic impact, which allows an impact force of high intensity and short duration to produce plastic deformation of  bone, without propagating the force throughout the whole cranium, as is usually the case with the use of a surgical hammer. This is why the use of Magnetic Mallet prevents the patient developing so-called benign paroxysmal vertiginous syndrome, a type of postoperative dizziness.

There are 4 different intensity settings for the instrument allowing the surgeon to modulate the pressure according to the type of procedure and bone density, this allows for a greater margin of safety and precision. 


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SinusTech `s Hatch Reamer MISE Set for Sinus Lifts

SinusTech America have released a sinus lift kit that features a unique reamer design that cuts, lifts and elevates the floor of the sinus with minimal danger of damage. They claim that the technique minimizes the possibility of damage to the sinus membrane, forms an appropriate sized osteotomy site for implant placement and allows for the placement of bone grafting materials into the elevated sinus cavity.

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META – Sin Crest System for Minimally Invasive Osteotome Sinus Lifts

META Advanced Medical Technology have designed a osteotome based sinus lift system that accomplishes a controlled crestal osteotomy and the lifting of a cortical operculum which adheres to the sinus membrane in a safe manner, without damaging tissue. The SinCrest drills are equipped with depth stops that allow obtaining a guiding hole in the alveolar bone as close as possible to the maxillary sinus membrane. The innovative SinCrest manual osteotome was designed to obtain the controlled fracture of the bone floor through a 0.5 mm step-by-step progress. The probe included in the SinCrest osteotome allows the constant monitoring of the residual resistance of the maxillary sinus and its lifting without leading to the perforation of the sinus membrane. The SinCrest technique may be used in case of a residual bone availability ranging from 5 to 11 mm and in any sufficient anatomic condition to stabilise the osteotome in the implant site.

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Sinu-Lift System from Innovative Implant Technology

Innovative Implant Technology has released their new system for performing internal sinus lifts. The one-time use kit includes a sinu-drill and 2 flexible plastic curette for elevating the sinus. The sinu-drill design features 2 colored knobs to allow controlled removal of the sub-antral bone without perforating the sinus membrane. The website has an excellent animated technique movie.

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Balloon Lift Control by Meisinger

Meisinger has released their balloon based sinus lift system. It uses a system of precision drills and drill guides to allow the introduction of a saline-filled balloon into the sinus. This balloon is then filled to gently push the sinus up. They report up to 10mm of lift height with minimal invasiveness.

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