Densah Burs – OsseoDensification Bur Kit

Versah, a company started by Michigan Periodontist, Dr. Salah Huwais , have designed a
set of multi-fluted osseodensification burs for implant placement. Osseodensification is a novel, biomechanical, non-excavation  preparation method that compacts and autografts bone during the osteotomy. The burs will remove bone when spun clockwise, however when spun counterclockwise they collect and compact bone chips into the osteotomy wall and result in greater local bone density and higher insertion torques. They can also be
used for internal sinus lifts and ridge expansion.

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2 Responses to Densah Burs – OsseoDensification Bur Kit

  1. jspakroo says:

    i would likw to know if these drills are copatable with all implant systeem and also if any one representing your company in turkey and iran and if you are intrested some one to represent you in iran best regard
    dr pakroo

  2. Devesh Oberai says:

    How can one buy the drills.

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