NobelDirect Bone Loss results in Class Action Lawsuit Potential

Nobel Biocare has been sued by a California dentist seeking class-action status on behalf of dentists whose patients have suffered complications such as bone loss from one of its products namely the NobelDirect dental implant. The suit by Jason M Yamada, a periodontist, seeks compensation for dentists who have had to perform surgery on their patients, or pay for restorative surgery, after complications from the implants, which it said were defectively designed. The suit proposed a class action to cover thousands of dentists in the U.S. who have used the NobelDirect implant, adding that Nobel Biocare had knowledge of the defect, but marketed the implant as safe and effective.

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  1. dijken says:

    This again shows that a marketing- driven company as Nobel is not interested in the best result for their patient but is only interested in making more profit out of their products.

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