Sapian Root Removal System

Dr. Schubert Sapian has designed a innovative root removal system that extracts the entire root without sectioning. A specialized extraction screw is driven into the largest canal then a cushioned silicone fulcrum tray is placed over the adjacent teeth and a pry bar is used to apply vertical pressure to the root resulting in its atraumatic extraction.

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2 Responses to Sapian Root Removal System

  1. Val says:

    This seems to be simple and yet very effective tool – very expensive though. I would like to see how this one compares to Meisinger root extractor. Cheers !

  2. Randall Billington says:

    Comparisons by dentist using both systems have found the Sapian System to be more versatile, reaching any tooth location in the mouth, and allowing superior tactile feedback and surgical control for the dentist, as compared with “twist knob” systems such as the Meisinger-Benex system, or the Easy X-trac system.

    The Sapian System is much less expensive. With all component parts (sterilization cassette, screw block, etc), the Sapian System, at $1695, costs $700 less than the Meisinger-Benex system ($2395). Replacement extraction screws for the Meisinger-Benex system are $75 per screw, but only$31 per screw for the Sapian System. The Sapian System is more than $1000 less expensive than the Easy X-trac system ($2749 with the sterilization cassette and screw block, $2499 without). The Sapian System is also more economical because, unlike the Easy-Xtrac, it does not require the use of registration material for each extraction. Sapian System extraction screws are reusable, and it has a “screw straightener” features that extends the reusable life of extraction screws.

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