Straumann`s Roxolid TiZr Alloy Implant in 2009

Straumann revealed a new implant material, Roxolid [Rock-Solid], a Titanium- Zirconium alloy that is 50% stronger than pure titanium. Initial animal studies show a significant increase in removal torque values over Straumann`s current SLActive titanium implants. Human trials are underway in Europe and North America. Straumann expects to have the design released for initial markets in 2009.

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One Response to Straumann`s Roxolid TiZr Alloy Implant in 2009

  1. Richard D. Cottrell, DDS says:

    It would be interesting to know if the strength comparison was to CP titanium that was work hardened or not. I think anyone who looks at this will find that the comparison was to CP titanium and that Roxolid is not much stronger than titanium ELI alloy or CP titanium that has been work hardened. That isn`t to say that there isn`t a future here as other manufactures are investigating these alloys as well. There may be some IP but my guess it that it belongs to the manufactures like Dynamet who make the various raw titanium products that are supplied world wide.

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