Drill Design

Densah Burs – OsseoDensification Bur Kit

Versah, a company started by Michigan Periodontist, Dr. Salah Huwais , have designed a set of multi-fluted osseodensification burs for implant placement. Osseodensification is a novel, biomechanical, non-excavation preparation method that compacts and autografts bone during the osteotomy. The burs will remove bone when spun clockwise, however when spun counterclockwise they collect and compact bone chips into the osteotomy wall and result in greater local bone density and higher insertion torques. They can also be used for internal sinus lifts

BSB Direct Cut Drills – Eliminate Inaccuracy of Sequential Drilling in Guided Surgery

Blue Sky Bio has released their BIO|Cut drill that features a unique drill topography to cut bone very efficiently without the need for sequential size drills. Only the final implant specific drill is needed to shape the osteotomy before implant placement. This design is particularly useful in guided surgery and allows very accurate guided osteotomies to be made without the need for key guides and sequential drill sizes which can introduce and compound inaccurate positioning. This system allows you to

Zosseo – Universal Implant Drill Stop Kit

Developed by a practicing dentist, the Zosseo Universal Implant Drill Stop kit allows for osteotomies that do not require as precise a visualization for depth control. It has a single width for all drills – only requires length determination for the osteotomy and has precise depth penetration – eliminating the risk of over drilling and potential sinus or nerve complications.

Straumann`s Drill Stops

Straumann has released a set of drill stops for use with their single-use implant drills. The color coded drill stops come in a kit designed for a specific depth e.g 8mm. The small size of the drill stops offer an optimum view of the treatment area and openings on the drill stops facilitate irrigation and removal of bone chips.

Straumann Twist Drill Pro

Straumann has updated their wide diameter implant twist drill design with a rounded apical profile ending in a flat tip to allow for more accurate osteotomy preparation. They claim that `the rounded flat-end tip facilitates safe drill positioning and ensures secure drill centering in the implant bed. The defined direction is maintained throughout the entire drilling process.`

Robotic Smart Drill

A robotic smart drill developed by Aston University(UK) and clinically tested at the University Hospital Birmingham offers a more precise means of drilling. Tested in a cochlear implant procedure, the device is able to detect the approach of the drill tip as it approaches this tissue interface. It is then able to avoid penetrating the membrane, so avoiding drilling and other debris dropping into the ear. It is expected that this more precise means of drilling will lead to improved

Ceramic VectoDrill Set

Thommen Medical has redesigned their VECTOdrill™ twist drills in a high-strength, alumina-toughened zirconia (ATZ). The drills` ATZ ceramic ensures efficient and consistent cutting performance throughout the life of the twist drill. The pilot drill design features a high efficiency cutting tip which initiates the pilot hole without the need for a round bur and has the ability to cut laterally to correct osteotomy location. These are similar in design to the MIS ceramic drills reported on previously.

Low Temp Osseo Drill

Osseo Scientific LLC has added a collection of low temperature osteotomy drills to their product line. They claim that the unique design allows for lower force osseous penetration and therefore less heat generation. They display an interesting temperature graph as evidence of this.