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Get Theme – AI-Assisted Implant Identification Search Engine

Paris, France based startup indexes all existing and past implants from all brands and all countries. They have an AI-based deep learning algorithm that has indexed thousands of dental implant images and X-rays. These have been annotated with the type implant model to produce a comprehensive training set for their deep learning algorithm. You can upload your implant x-ray and they analyze the image to identify the implant and notify you of the top matching brand and model of

Straumann Drops TE Implant by December 2021

Straumann has decided to discontinue its line of Taper Effect (TE) implants after December 2021. The reason given is that they want to prioritize research and development of new products and remove products with diminished use. Straumann’s Tapered effect implant was one of the first implants designed by Straumann intended for immediate implant placement by clinicians. Its tapered neck helped fill the gap of the extraction site at the coronal end. Its tapered neck design was carried forward with some

Sonic Weld Rx By KLS Martin

The Sonic Weld Rx which has been developed by KLS Martin provides a unique way to achieve better stability of implants, leading to a better patient experience and aesthetics. The Sonic Weld Rx generates Ultrasonic waves, which in turn vibrates the pin, which causes heat between the pin and the bone surface, liquefying and allowing entry into the implant cavity. This process is just one part of the entire KLS Martin solution to implants. They offer a new, holistic way

OneMore Drill By EBI

Dental surgeons can make mistakes in surgery, particularly after a long hard day, however, when drilling into a patients gum for a dental implant, it is crucial that this task is carried out precisely and accurately. The OneMore Drill, by Evidence Based Implantology (EBI), has an extremely accurate scale to provide a guide for dentists to go to precision depths each time.     This affordable, simple and easy to use drill can make all the difference to dental surgeons

The R Brush by Neo Biotech delivers

As can be seen in the above picture, the R Brush by Neo Biotech delivers exactly as it says it will, a quick and efficient method of cleaning dental implants. Dental hygiene is particularly important when it comes to implants as a contamination and build up of dirt and bacteria on implants can cause patient discomfort and problems. The R Brush presents a simple solution to this problem, that is extremely easy to use: The high quality Titanium material is

Neosis YOMI!

The Neosis YOMI system really has taken precision in drilling for dental implants to the next level. The robotically controlled arm, fully complete with a drill attachment and capability provides real time feedback to the procedure. This provides the most in depth guide and tool for dentists to be able to perform the surgery. The robotic arm allows for complex manipulation to perform, whilst the software provides information for the surgeon to check over and plan for.   This state

Dynamic Surgical Guidance

Inliant have created a unique way of being able to track the drilling process during implant surgery of their patients. A pre-surgical CBCT scan of the patient is carried out and the sensors do the rest. One sensor is placed in the surgical stent, which is an integral part of the implant process, whilst the other is placed in the hand held drill. The combination of these things allows an overlay of the drills position relative to the patient on

LiveVue Technologies

The Smart Drill, trademarked and patent protected by LiveVue technologies enables dentists to have greater control, precision and accuracy in drilling a patients gums in the process of fitting dental implants. This cuts down on the time taken and above all, makes the process much safer for the patient. The smart drill allows better alignment and a much better system of tracking the depth when drilling holes, a pivotal part in the overall implant process. A live feed of the

Invibio Prosthetic Frameworks

The prosthetic frameworks from Invibio offer impressive statistics and benefits whent hey are compared to more traditional solutions, of Titanium based implants. At Invibio, innovation in the latest polymer technology has seen the release of their PEEK based implants, which is a very high performing plastic. This can lead to a much better implant survival rates for customers (up to 10% longer), which means dental implants can be enjoyed for longer and can be replaced less often. Similarly impressive, up

Say Goodbye to Surgical Stents!

A surgical stent is something which enables a gap in the implant process to stay open in order to enable dentists to make the correct implants. These are often time consuming to set up and can cause an implant procedure to be a lot longer.   Introducing the Parallel guides, expertly designed and produced by Hiossen Implant, that could see dentists throwing away surgical stents and bringing in the Parallel guide surgical kit for a better, cleaner and more efficient