Westport Medical releases Powertome Periotome 100S

The Powertome 100S from Westport Medical is a powered periotome used in the extraction of teeth. It features a powered periotome blade that is precisely guided in the periodontal ligament by a microprocessor controlled, solenoid actuator. It features a footswitch activated handle similar to other dental hand pieces and the operation, actuation and sterilization are therefore intuitive.

Sapian Root Removal System

Dr. Schubert Sapian has designed a innovative root removal system that extracts the entire root without sectioning. A specialized extraction screw is driven into the largest canal then a cushioned silicone fulcrum tray is placed over the adjacent teeth and a pry bar is used to apply vertical pressure to the root resulting in its atraumatic extraction.

One Minute Extraction – Physics Forceps

GoldenMisch has developed a set of extraction forceps. Its design delivers a powerful mechanical advantage by employing an efficient first-class lever. The forceps feature a bumper which is set low on the alveolar ridge, perpendicular to the tooth, creating a good fulcrum point. The Physicsforceps makes only one point of contact with the tooth, as opposed to conventional forceps that work like pliers. The website shows various testimonials and animation of the `rolling` extraction technique.

A. Titan Instrument`s Easy X-Trac System

A. Titan has introduced an innovative system for atraumatic extractions. This system uses a pin placed in the tooth to be extracted`s root canal and then uses a rachet to pull the tooth out of the alveolus, thereby avoiding the rotational forces usually placed on the alveolus by conventional extraction methods. By removing the tooth in an atraumatic fashion, immediate implant placement is more feasible.