Implant Placement Guides

Compact Cone-Beam CT Scanner

Gendex has released its latest imaging system. The GXB-500 features a medium size form-factor cone beam CT for for implant planning, TMJ analysis, and small oral surgery procedures. The system’s unique Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel sensor yields accurate, highly detailed image quality at the fastest scan and reconstruction rates in the industry (8.9 seconds and 20 seconds respectively), that allow dental teams to experience greatly improved workflow. Adding to the value of the GXCB-500, the system serves a dual function—it

The Navigator System for CT Guided Surgery – Biomet 3i

Biomet 3i have developed a protocol and set of surgical instruments for use with their implants in CT guided surgery. The Navigator System utilizes a surgical plan devised from CT images using Materialises`s Simplant Technology and a combination of specially designed surgical and laboratory drills and instruments to allow template-based implant positioning and immediate restoration if so desired.

Implant Logic Systems – Implant Guide Service

Implant Logic Systems is a service which both plans implant positioning and manufactures a custom surgical drill guide to place the implants according to the treatment plan. They use both `Simplant` and a custom software package, VIP, to plan the implant position using CT-Scan data. Their Pilot Compu-Guide Drill Kit is used to ensure accurate osteotomy positioning using the custom designed drill guide and sleeves.

Adjustable Depth Guide has released a series of drill stops designed for use with the Straumann and compatible systems. They also have an adjustable depth guide which features analogs of the narrow, standard and wide neck implant platforms allowing for a more accurate visualization of the position of the implant neck. The gauge has been renamed `Verban Depth Gauge` after its inventor Dr. Emil Verban.

Precision Digital Radiography Measurment Devices

Ingenious Dentistry LLC has released a radiographic marker that features one or three precision stainless steel ball bearings sized at 5mm. These are placed at the time radiographs are taken and used to calibrate the resulting radiographic image. Their site features some good tips and explains how to calculate the actual size of the object of interest in the calibrated xray.

Nobel Biocare refutes criticism concerning its teeth-in-an-hour dental implant

Nobel Biocare refuted criticism voiced by Swedish scientists, saying its implant product `teeth-in-an-hour` is a scientifically proven concept with high success rates. The Swiss-Swedish implant maker said that one of its `ongoing studies with 19 patients and a total of 118 implants shows that after three years, 96.3 pct of all implants still function`. The complete report will be available in April, it said. The group`s statement came in reaction to a study by Sweden`s Karolinska Institute published on Saturday

`Teeth-in-an-Hour` may carry more complications than conventional methods

Swiss-Swedish Nobel Biocare`s Teeth-in-an-Hour implant system may carry more risk of complications than conventional methods, an abstract of a study by Sweden`s Karolinska Institutet showed on Saturday. The study examined 31 patients treated using the method, which uses computer modeling to reduce implant installation time and showed that complications such as the loss of fixtures and the need for adjustments arose for nearly a third. Nine percent of the 175 fixtures examined were lost, said Bjorn Klinge, professor of periodontology

MIS Implant`s Abrahmi Drill Kit

MIS Implant Technologies Ltd.`s Abrahmi Drill Guide Kit is a drill guide kit that allows for optimal inter-implant spacing, angulation and parallelism. The kit contains several spacers which the surgeon can select to determine the inter-implant distance. The device features several drill sleeves of different diameters which ensure parallelism of the implants.