Materialise`s Simplant 11 – Realistic Stock Abutments

Materialise`s soon to be released Simplant 11 will feature realistic renderings of stock implant abutments. This will allow implantologists to choose realistic stock implant abutments based upon shape, tissue cuff height, diameter and purpose prior to the placement of the actual implants.

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One Response to Materialise`s Simplant 11 – Realistic Stock Abutments

  1. Richard D. Cottrell, DDS says:

    Stock abutments are a design challenge. Removing the cement on the mesial and distal of this design may be difficult as the margins will be more subgingival compared to the facial and lingual. If there is distal fixture angulation the mesial margin will likely be buried even further. I would prefer a design that allowed for some modification, but the market demand is for something that works right out of the package. Unfortuantely, that probably is seldom going to be the case, but I would like to be wrong in my assesment.

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