Straumann`s New Asymmetrical Implant? – US Patent Pending

Straumann has filed a US patent application for a root-form implant with an asymmetrical shoulder. It appears similar to their current TE implant design, with the addition of a sloping shoulder configuration higher on the palatal side and lower on the facial side. This may be their design response to NobelBiocare`s Nobel Perfect implant originally patented by Dr. Wohrle.

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2 Responses to Straumann`s New Asymmetrical Implant? – US Patent Pending

  1. Richard D. Cottrell, DDS says:

    Unfortunately, the link was not to the correct patent application. Will be interesting to see how the examiners respond to this as I recently sold my patent portfolio to AstraTech covering sloped topped dental implants covering both one and two stage designs. But this design is relatively pointless as the presenting sloping bony topography will never be maintained in configuration shown. Since I have placed approximately 50 sloped topped prototype fixtures, I know what will work and what is only hype.

    Also, I started making the first of three presentations during the Clinical Innovations portion of the Academy of Osseointegration`s annual meeting in 2003 with subsequent presentations in 2004 and 2006. From a patent point of view this may be old news, but patent law is not as straight forward as one might expect.

    Regardless, this was my idea and I have done this clinically showing how well it works which is a far cry from a few implant design renderings. Also, I found what appears to be the only dental literature published to date that substantiates this concept. It was cited in our patent applications should that be of interest.

    Richard D. Cottrell, DDS
    Lake Forest, IL

  2. Editor says:

    The link has been corrected and a pdf of the US patent application has been added.

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