Zirconium One Stage Implants

Ceraroot have designed five ziconium-based one-stage implants for use in different areas of the mouth. The anatomically designed implants incorporate the abutment into the implant for a very esthetic result. An interesting video is posted on Google Video showing the use of a Ceraroot implant in an immmediate placement procedure.

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3 Responses to Zirconium One Stage Implants

  1. Dr. E. Amargant says:

    I have seen the video, and I think it looks very good. Having the shoulder of the implant almost yuxtagingivally has to preserve easily the papilla. These implants will open a new era.

  2. Dr. C. Crohin says:

    These implants appear very similar in shape to Straumann`s TE design especially the anterior and molar-shaped ones. It makes sense to incorporate the abutment portion in the structure of the implant, as we move closer and closer to immediate provisionalization / immmediate load protocols. It remains to be seen if the bone to implant contact ratios for zirconium equal or surpass that of the titanium that we all use now. Either way, we may be looking at the basic design of an implant being used 10 years from now.

  3. dr Marik guizot says:

    its sure look good and i have feeling, this can make the new era. but the shoulder are very thick, the manufacture should make different choice of shoulder lenght especially for asian patient who doesnt have thick gingiva

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