Straumann Drops TE Implant by December 2021

Straumann has decided to discontinue its line of Taper Effect (TE) implants after December 2021. The reason given is that they want to prioritize research and development of new products and remove products with diminished use. Straumann’s Tapered effect implant was one of the first implants designed by Straumann intended for immediate implant placement by clinicians. Its tapered neck helped fill the gap of the extraction site at the coronal end. Its tapered neck design was carried forward with some slight modifications in the Bone level and Tapered Bone Level lines. These two lines were developed and refined several years after the release of the tapered effect implant. This line also featured an ‘off the catalog’ implant designed for immediate molar placement, which could be special ordered by clinicians that knew of its existence. Straumann will continue to accept orders for the TE implants until the end of 2021 and honor the warranty on its existing TE inventory.

TE implants removed from Straumann line of implants

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