Alaskan Dentist makes Bird Beak Implant

Dr. Kirk Johnson, an Anchorage Alaska dentist spread holiday cheer by performing an unusual operation on an unusual patient. A bald eagle came to Anchorage`s bird treatment and learning center with a severely damaged beak possibly caused by fishing line. Dr. Johnson made a mold using dental impression material with which he fashioned a temporary beak implant.

Dental Implant to serve as Anchor for first Artificial Turtle Flipper

Allison, a green sea turtle, lost three of her flippers in a shark attack. To prevent her swimming in a permanent spiral, researchers plan on fitting a prosthetic flipper attached via a dental implant. The other option would be an external strap-on device. She was rescued in 2005 on the sub-tropical shores of South Padre Island on the Texas Gulf coast and now resides in a small tank at Sea Turtle, Inc, a research and conservation center which among other

Abraham Lincoln may have had a Facial Defect

The left side of Lincoln`s face was much smaller than the right, an aberration called cranial facial microsomia. The defect joins a long list of ailments – including smallpox, heart illness and depression – that modern doctors have diagnosed in Lincoln. Laser scans of two life masks, made from plaster casts of Lincoln`s face, reveal the 16th president`s unusual degree of facial asymmetry. The scanning technique is usually used to create 3-D images of children with cleft lip and palate

Ghouls in the Mortuary – A Halloween Story

The perils of living in New York go beyond the grave. The directors of seven funeral homes have been stripped of their licenses and face jail after pleading guilty to their role in what one US official called “the crime of the century” – whenever they got hold of a suitable corpse, they would tip off a team of illegal body harvesters led by Michael Mastromarino, a former oral surgeon who had lost his dentist`s license. Operating out of a

John Gotti`s Blade Implants

Famous mafia boss John Gotti, Dr Leonard Linkow and blade implants – all part of the history of implantology. An amazing story reported by the NY Daily News in 2002. Enjoy: Around 1988, after losing several teeth, Gotti tired of dentures and had permanent implants surgically installed and his remaining teeth capped. He visited the E. 50th St. offices of Dr. Leonard Linkow, a frank-talking New Yorker with a shock of white hair. Linkow had been famous among dentists worldwide