John Gotti`s Blade Implants

Famous mafia boss John Gotti, Dr Leonard Linkow and blade implants – all part of the history of implantology. An amazing story reported by the NY Daily News in 2002. Enjoy:

Around 1988, after losing several teeth, Gotti tired of dentures and had
permanent implants surgically installed and his remaining teeth capped. He visited the E. 50th St. offices of Dr. Leonard Linkow, a frank-talking New
Yorker with a shock of white hair. Linkow had been famous among dentists
worldwide since the late 1960s, when he introduced a new type of implant as an
alternative to dentures. As a show of gratitude, Gotti wanted to have a custom suit made for Linkow. The offer came via Jack (The Nose) D`Amico, one of Gotti`s closest associates. Linkow said. “I said, `No, no, I got plenty of suits, and I don`t have enough time in the world to wear the suit,`” But D`Amico insisted, repeatedly, until Linkow recognized it was an offer he couldn`t refuse…. [story continues]

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