RomiPointer – Dental Implant Location Detector

Romidan’s Romipointer is an electronic wand that allows the precise detection of a submerged implant’s location. By using a disposable sensor and a series of sweeps around the submerged implant’s location, the device provides feedback as to the implant’s location. The implant locating system has a system of lights that indicate when the sensor is near the implant and when it moves away from it, once the implant is located, the visual indication is accompanied by a solid audio signal. Read More…  

Electrochemical HA Coating Process Yields Stronger Bond to Implants

Tel Aviv University researcher Prof. Noam Eliaz of the TAU School of Mechanical Engineering has developed an electrochemical process for coating metal implants which vastly improves their functionality, longevity and integration into the body. “The surface chemistry, structure and morphology of our new coatings resemble biological material,” explains Prof. Eliaz. “We`ve been able to enhance the integration of the coating with the mineralized tissue of the body, allowing more peoples` bodies to accept implants.” His new coating resulted in a

Nobel Biocare Aquires Alpha Bio for $ 95 million

Swiss company Nobel Biocare bought Israeli dental implant startup Alpha Bio for $95 million. Alpha Bio Implant was a one-man show: Dr. Ophir Fromovich, CEO, owner and dentist to the stars, not that he`ll say who his clients are. Fromovich founded Alpha Bio Implant in 1988. Alpha Bio created a new type of implant, the first generation of what became called the NobelActive, the implant with the novel thread pattern. The device Web site explains that it does not “cut

Device for Ultrasonic Imaging of Jaws – US Patent Issued

Imadent was issued a US Patent for its ultrasonic jaw imaging system. The system includes a specially configured ultrasonic probe, a position locator module for defining the probe location and transmitting the definition to a computer which re-assembles the image. Imadent is one of the first companies that has been able to use ultrasound technologies to create high-resolution, cross-sectional images of hard tissues such as bone. The company’s technology allows for real-time imaging of a patient’s jaw during dental surgery,

MIS Crest Widener Kit

MIS Implant Technologies Ltd has released a Crest Widener used to widen a narrow alveolar crest which has sufficient height for implant placement. The cortical plates are separated and the crest widener distracts the plates so that new bone is created between the plates and the attached gingiva. They have a step-by-step guide and video of the surgical technique on their website.

MIS Implant`s Abrahmi Drill Kit

MIS Implant Technologies Ltd.`s Abrahmi Drill Guide Kit is a drill guide kit that allows for optimal inter-implant spacing, angulation and parallelism. The kit contains several spacers which the surgeon can select to determine the inter-implant distance. The device features several drill sleeves of different diameters which ensure parallelism of the implants.

DenX`s IGI Implantology navigation system wins 2006 Medical Design Excellence Award

DenX`s innovative CT-image driven implant planning and placement system, `IGI`, was recently honoured with a Medical Design Excellence Award. IGI allows a virtual implant to be placed on the CT image with the assistance of advanced planning tools. During the surgical procedure, the clinician guides the implant to the precise location, angle and depth required according to the plan. Real-time localization feedback assisted by audio and visual media allows the clinician to monitor the success of the procedure and avoid

MIS Ceramic Composite Implant Drills

MIS has introduced a ceramic composite (Zirconium / Yttrium / Aluminium) drills in 2.0 mm, 2.1 mm and 2.8 mm diameter. They reportedly feature reduced vibration and smoother operation. One important property that Zirconium drills claim over stainless-steel drills is that they maintain their sharp edge for an extended period.