Nobel Biocare Aquires Alpha Bio for $ 95 million

Swiss company Nobel Biocare bought Israeli dental implant startup Alpha Bio for $95 million. Alpha Bio Implant was a one-man show: Dr. Ophir Fromovich, CEO, owner and dentist to the stars, not that he`ll say who his clients are. Fromovich founded Alpha Bio Implant in 1988. Alpha Bio created a new type of implant, the first generation of what became called the NobelActive, the implant with the novel thread pattern. The device Web site explains that it does not “cut through bone like conventional implants,” it presses through it like a corkscrew. Patients with old-type implants had to wait three to six months for the traumatized jawbone to stabilize before the crown could be “loaded”. Also, these old implants could cause bone erosion and lead the gums to recede, which is unsightly. The new one does none of that, says Fromovich. It even suits “soft bone” situations, and causes very little injury to the bone tissue. Also, in most cases, the crown can be loaded on immediately, which is the ultimate victory for the inventors: No need to wait for months to see the patient`s white smile.

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