Magnetic Mallet from Sweden and Martina

Italian Manufacturer Sweden and Martina’s Magnetic Mallet is an innovative tool for Dental Surgery and Implantology. The magnetic mallet’s main application is in the maxillary sinus for use in bone compaction protocols and vertical and horizontal compaction. It is also useful in cases that call for the use of a surgical hammer. The device exploits electromagnetic impact, which allows an impact force of high intensity and short duration to produce plastic deformation of bone, without propagating the force throughout the

IV International Congress of Computer Aided Implantology Academy: VERONA – ITALY, October 28-29, 2011

The 6th International Congress of the CAI Academy will be held in Verona, Italy from October 28 to 19, 2011. Computer aided implant surgery has reached peak levels of acceptance giving proof of the clinical efficacy of computerized procedures. The Congress will focus on the need of defining the state of the art in research and clinical application. Two main areas will be analyzed: topics of current research and current clinical application. Amongst the speaker are: Dr. Scott Ganz, Dr.

Osteo-Alchemy: Turning Wood into Bone

Anna Tampieri at the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics, Faenza, and colleagues have turned wood into bone mimics that could be used to repair damaged limbs. The Italian scientists were inspired by nature`s highly organised hierarchial structures to make porous hydroxyapatite scaffolds with structures similar to that of real bone. The scaffolds `pave the way for realising prosthetic devices which could get closer to the extraordinary performance of human tissues`, they claim. The team heated the wood to

JDNow – One Piece Implant with Aggressive Threading

JDentalcare have released a one-piece implant designed for immediate function. The aggressive threading features a very deep coil depth designed to provide increased primary stability even in soft bone. Additionally each thread features a series of little steps on the inside of the thread. These steps increase the bone to implant contact area by 15%. The available implant diameters range from 3-5mm and range in length from 10 to 18mm.

META – Sin Crest System for Minimally Invasive Osteotome Sinus Lifts

META Advanced Medical Technology have designed a osteotome based sinus lift system that accomplishes a controlled crestal osteotomy and the lifting of a cortical operculum which adheres to the sinus membrane in a safe manner, without damaging tissue. The SinCrest drills are equipped with depth stops that allow obtaining a guiding hole in the alveolar bone as close as possible to the maxillary sinus membrane. The innovative SinCrest manual osteotome was designed to obtain the controlled fracture of the bone

Unique PEEK Torque Wrench Design – 10 to 80 ncm

JDentalCare has designed and developed JDTorque® ,a torque wrench for surgical and prosthetic use. It is a universal wrench and it can be used as a torque wrench or as a traditional ratchet for every implant system with the appropriate adapter. The high mechanical resistance along with the great elasticity of the plastic material PEEK allows it to measure torque up to 80 Ncm. This material is extremely light compared with metals and can undergo thousands sterilization cycles at temperatures

Mectron Piezoelectric Bone Surgery System

Mectron`s piezon-electric surgery system can be used for osteotomies and osteoplasty in implantology. Additionally it can be used in periodontal, endodontic and surgical orthodontics. It`s selective cutting action allows for mimimal soft tissue damage, especially useful for opening sinus windows during lateral sinus lift procedures. This unit comes with an array of handpiece tips designed for an array of surgical procedures.