META – Sin Crest System for Minimally Invasive Osteotome Sinus Lifts

META Advanced Medical Technology have designed a osteotome based sinus lift system that accomplishes a controlled crestal osteotomy and the lifting of a cortical operculum which adheres to the sinus membrane in a safe manner, without damaging tissue. The SinCrest drills are equipped with depth stops that allow obtaining a guiding hole in the alveolar bone as close as possible to the maxillary sinus membrane. The innovative SinCrest manual osteotome was designed to obtain the controlled fracture of the bone floor through a 0.5 mm step-by-step progress. The probe included in the SinCrest osteotome allows the constant monitoring of the residual resistance of the maxillary sinus and its lifting without leading to the perforation of the sinus membrane. The SinCrest technique may be used in case of a residual bone availability ranging from 5 to 11 mm and in any sufficient anatomic condition to stabilise the osteotome in the implant site.

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