OneMore Drill By EBI

Dental surgeons can make mistakes in surgery, particularly after a long hard day, however, when drilling into a patients gum for a dental implant, it is crucial that this task is carried out precisely and accurately. The OneMore Drill, by Evidence Based Implantology (EBI), has an extremely accurate scale to provide a guide for dentists to go to precision depths each time.     This affordable, simple and easy to use drill can make all the difference to dental surgeons

Odontis Ltd. awarded US Patent for Stem-Cell Tooth Regeneration

Dr. Paul Sharpe`s company Odontis Ltd. has been awarded US Patent #7588936 for the regeneration of teeth primordia using bone marrow cells. Bone marrow cells may be employed to generate teeth without the need for purification and expansion of a population of cells. The group of British scientists claim that they have figured out a way to make dentures obsolete, with the power of stem cells. Simply put, stem cells taken from a patient will be used to grow a

Tooth Eye Implant

Martin Jones, 42-year-old builder, was left blind after an accident at work more than a decade ago. After a remarkable operation in which part of his tooth was implanted in his eye, he can now regain some of his lost sight. The procedure involved taking a minute section of a patient`s tooth, reshaping and chiselling through to grip the man-made lens which was then placed in its core. It is implanted under an eyelid where it become covered in tissue.

Alcohol Containing Mouth Rinse linked with Increased Cancer Risk

Australian researchers have linked mouthwash containing alcohol to an increased risk of developing oral cancer. The alcohol in mouthwash is believed to allow cancer causing compounds to attack the lining of the mouth more easily. The review author, Michael McCullough, is an Associate Professor in Oral medicine at Melbourne University. He says dentists need to be aware of the risks of mouthwash. “If they are going to recommend alcohol-containing products then they recommend it for a good reason, for a

Cannabis Smoking may be a Risk factor for Periodontal Disease – Peri-Implantitis?

Researchers at the Dunedin School of Medicine, Dunedin, New Zealand have reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that Cannabis smoking may be a risk factor for periodontal disease that is independent of the use of tobacco. Tobacco smoking was strongly associated with periodontal disease experience, but there was no interaction between cannabis use and tobacco smoking in predicting the condition`s occurrence

Osteo Odonto Kerato Prosthesis

Dr Christopher Lie of the Sussex Eye Hospital in Brighton, England performed a sight restoring procedure called Osteo Odonto Kerato Prosthesis (OOKP) which involves fitting a living canine tooth with an optical cylinder and transplanting it into the eye cavity, restoring a blind Irishman`s sight. The procedure involves removing a canine tooth, a part of the adjacent bone and related ligaments from a patient. It is attached in the first stage to the cheek area to develop a blood supply

Injection Moulded Zirconia Abutments

Morgan Advanced Ceramics have developed a method for injection moulding of zirconia abutments. At its injection moulding facility at Stourport in the UK, Morgan Advanced Ceramics is able to produce the highly complex geometries required for custom-designed dental abutments. It can produce these, and their associated retaining and jawbone screws, accurately, in volume and with a high degree of repeatability. Paul Manison, Project Manager, Morgan Advanced Ceramics explains: “The dental implant market is growing fast. We are working with a

Dento-Munch – A Robotic Chewing System

UK Researchers have developed a robotic system that mimics human biting and chewing. The `Dento-Munch` system will be used to test dental materials for wear and tear. It is seen as a less expensive and less time-consuming alternative to clinical trials. The robot that can reproduce the full movement of the human jaw. Two platforms act as the upper and lower jaws, with the lower jaw capable of moving in 6 degrees of freedom. Just like the human jaw, it

Robotic Smart Drill

A robotic smart drill developed by Aston University(UK) and clinically tested at the University Hospital Birmingham offers a more precise means of drilling. Tested in a cochlear implant procedure, the device is able to detect the approach of the drill tip as it approaches this tissue interface. It is then able to avoid penetrating the membrane, so avoiding drilling and other debris dropping into the ear. It is expected that this more precise means of drilling will lead to improved

Training Standards in Implant Dentistry for General Dental Practitioners

The General Dental Council (UK) convened a small working group in December 2005 to to consider what training standards would be necessary for a general dental practitioner before practising implant dentistry, to publish those standards and then periodically to review them in the light of developments in implant dentistry. Such standards could be used not only by practitioners but also by the GDC in the consideration of patient complaints against dental practitioners who, allegedly, practise implant dentistry beyond the limits