The R Brush by Neo Biotech delivers

As can be seen in the above picture, the R Brush by Neo Biotech delivers exactly as it says it will, a quick and efficient method of cleaning dental implants. Dental hygiene is particularly important when it comes to implants as a contamination and build up of dirt and bacteria on implants can cause patient discomfort and problems. The R Brush presents a simple solution to this problem, that is extremely easy to use: The high quality Titanium material is

Neosis YOMI!

The Neosis YOMI system really has taken precision in drilling for dental implants to the next level. The robotically controlled arm, fully complete with a drill attachment and capability provides real time feedback to the procedure. This provides the most in depth guide and tool for dentists to be able to perform the surgery. The robotic arm allows for complex manipulation to perform, whilst the software provides information for the surgeon to check over and plan for.   This state

Dynamic Surgical Guidance

Inliant have created a unique way of being able to track the drilling process during implant surgery of their patients. A pre-surgical CBCT scan of the patient is carried out and the sensors do the rest. One sensor is placed in the surgical stent, which is an integral part of the implant process, whilst the other is placed in the hand held drill. The combination of these things allows an overlay of the drills position relative to the patient on

LiveVue Technologies

The Smart Drill, trademarked and patent protected by LiveVue technologies enables dentists to have greater control, precision and accuracy in drilling a patients gums in the process of fitting dental implants. This cuts down on the time taken and above all, makes the process much safer for the patient. The smart drill allows better alignment and a much better system of tracking the depth when drilling holes, a pivotal part in the overall implant process. A live feed of the

Invibio Prosthetic Frameworks

The prosthetic frameworks from Invibio offer impressive statistics and benefits whent hey are compared to more traditional solutions, of Titanium based implants. At Invibio, innovation in the latest polymer technology has seen the release of their PEEK based implants, which is a very high performing plastic. This can lead to a much better implant survival rates for customers (up to 10% longer), which means dental implants can be enjoyed for longer and can be replaced less often. Similarly impressive, up

Implant Locator

A submerged dental implant is typically hard to find for dental professionals because they are normally hidden beneath many layers of gum tissue. Finding the precise location can be invaluable for dentists and thanks to the patented technology of the GoldenDent Implant Locator System, this can now be done in a matter of seconds. The device uses a clever lighting system to indicate to the user exactly where the implant is located, by sweeping the probe across the localised region,

Healing Abutment Re-Use leads to UNLV Faculty Resignation and Letter to Patients

                      Single-use healing abutments were re-used in multiple patients after being sterilized in 184 patients at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas’s Faculty Dental Practice Clinic leading to the resignation of the director of the faculty group practice. “It’s not cost prohibitive, but it adds to the cost,” director Devore said. “Why buy something new if the thing you already have works just as well?” In addition to phoning patients, the university followed up

Guide Pro 3D: An Alternative Implant Approach

Freehand implants require a great deal of skill, time and effort for a dentist to pull off. Not only this, the consistency from patient to patient is something which is clearly lacking if an implant is done by hand, which begs the question of whether or not there is a better way. The GuidePro3D utilizes disruptive technology; additive layer manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, to be able to print out a custom frame and cartridge (as pictured) in just

Automatic Profile Generator (APG) – Software for Customized Healing Abutments – $299.00

The esthetic quality and integrity of every single implant is inarguably influenced by the peri-implant tissue shaping of the implant healing abutment itself. Having the ability to be able to make highly accurate personalized healing abutments in a matter of minutes using the latest CAD/CAM software is a great tool for implantologists to have.   The above picture and video shows how simple the process is to make a personalized healing abutment shaping block. This will take around 30 seconds

Densah Burs – OsseoDensification Bur Kit

Versah, a company started by Michigan Periodontist, Dr. Salah Huwais , have designed a set of multi-fluted osseodensification burs for implant placement. Osseodensification is a novel, biomechanical, non-excavation preparation method that compacts and autografts bone during the osteotomy. The burs will remove bone when spun clockwise, however when spun counterclockwise they collect and compact bone chips into the osteotomy wall and result in greater local bone density and higher insertion torques. They can also be used for internal sinus lifts