Nobel Vision Network – Digital Signage in the Office

Creative Marketing and Merchandising Media Solutions (c3ms), a provider of digital signage networks, recently announced the launch of the NobelVision Network throughout North America. The NobelVision Network is a customized channel of dental healthcare information specifically designed to educate the patients of Nobel Biocare`s customers on their dental options by delivering quality educational, informational and entertainment segments via an IP-based, networked narrowcast system. Presented on large flat-panel screens installed in dental offices, the NobelVision Network provides a unique opportunity for advertisers and content partners to market their products and services to a targeted, health conscious audience with known demographic and statistical data.
With the growing population of patients who actively research their own healthcare options, having fresh, up-to-the minute information that`s pertinent to their needs makes the wait in the dentist`s office a more productive experience,” said Kevin Mosher, Vice President & General Manager, Nobel Biocare North America. “For dentists, it`s always better to have educated patients, particularly when they become knowledgeable about additional services that may be of benefit to them. The NobelVision Network represents a strategic vehicle to deliver timely and relevant information in an appropriate setting for the benefit of both parties.” Implementation of this private promotional and advertising network is currently underway and will be installed in 200 dental offices using Nobel Biocare products by the end of 2007

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