UK Dentist Shortage causing Oral Health Problems

A shortage of NHS dentists is leading to thousands of needless deaths from mouth cancer, according to dental experts. “The survival rate of mouth cancer has not improved in 30 years,” Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation said. “If people were able to gain easier access to a dentist then the 50 per cent mortality rate could be significantly improved. It is Britain`s secret cancer despite killing more people annually than cervical and testicular cancer put together.” There are 4,750 new cases of mouth cancer in Britain a year.
A recent BBC documentary reported that there is an epidemic of poor teeth in Britain. 1 in 5 people never visit the dentist. 1 in 10 is terrified of the dentist chair. Sugar consumption, eating disorders, and bad diet make Britain’s global reputation for being a nation of terrible teeth completely justified.

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