ClearChoice Sponsor Infomercial in Colorado

As previously reported, Clearchoice Dental Implant Centers provide one stop implant services: CT-Scan, surgery and restorations. They have sponsored a pseudo-news infomercial in Colorado.

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4 Responses to ClearChoice Sponsor Infomercial in Colorado

  1. Jeff says:

    A dentist who supports NobelBiocare is like a local hardware store owner supporting Home Depot!!!!

  2. Gary says:

    I am a prosthodontist, work with Nobel products and have met Mr. Mosher on several occasions. Called him up on this, and learned a story that tells me the editor may not be doing his homework. Mr. Mosher was invited to speak at the Clear Choice grand opening, and this interview by the local television station was part of their grand opening day. Mr. Mosher paid no monies to Clear Choice or the station, and in no way “sponsored” this. He further told me he has spoken at many customer`s grand openings, study clubs and anniversaries and that contrary to rumor, Nobel has no financial relationship with Clear Choice whatsoever. Once again we are proving to be a group of professionals who publish first, verify later…

  3. Editor says:

    To be clear regarding the ClearChoice infommercial. This was PAID FOR by Clear Choice Dental Center. In the spirit of `evidence-based`, please examine for yourself the Youtube video fully and find that at 9:58 the host clearly states: “The Clear Choice Dental Implant Center paid for this segment”. While the relationship between Nobel Biocare and Clear Choice Dental Centers is indeed nebulous, it does seem at least odd that the Mr. Mosher, VP GM Nobel Biocare North America, would be prominently featured in a segment paid for by the three doctors of Clear Choice sitting next to him.


  4. Editor says:

    The article title had been updated.


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