StentCad Beyond System

Researchers at the University of Ankara, Turkey have designed an innovative CAD based implant guide. The design features a plastic stent produced by rapid prototyping methods that snugly fits the implant handpiece and uses a square slot system to guide the drill direction as opposed to the metal/plastic sleeves used by similar systems. This allows for better visualization of the surgical area and negates the use of stepped sleeves of increasing diameter to guide the twist drill. Additionally it eliminates the risk of metal shavings entering the osteotomy site.

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3 Responses to StentCad Beyond System

  1. Cory Fratus says:

    This is rediculous… There are already versions of this available. The material looks cheap. like duralay, but hey, to each his own, Id at least pick a better material… Im sure it works fine, the world of CADCAM dentistry is really booming, expecially in the implant area.

  2. James Wilson says:

    It is really interesting. Metal shavings is an important issue.

  3. allen honigman says:

    This looks absolutely riduculous. What if you have to change handpieces in the middle of surgery?
    What if the patient has lingual tori? What if the mouth opening is not wide?
    How do you stabilize it? How many guides do you get?
    How can you do a bone supported or tooth supported case?
    To many problems with this design (Very poor). Plastic shavings are a concern least you may see metal shavings.
    I also don`t see better visualisation of the sites.
    Why is everyone trying to reinvent the wheel?

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