3M Buys IMTEC – Mini Dental Implant Manufacturer

3M announced that it will acquire Imtec Corp, a leading manufacturer of mini dental implants. “We are looking forward to the reputation, resources and worldwide reach that 3M brings to help us build this business,” said Ron Bulard, DDS and Chairman of the Board, IMTEC Corp. “Its overall strength in oral care with both the 3M ESPE and 3M Unitek divisions makes them a particularly good partner for us.” This acquisition gives 3M ESPE access to two of the fastest growing segments in the dental industry. “Our combined digital products and expertise will enable a digital ‘total restorative’ approach with more options than ever, including IMTEC implants, 3MTM ESPETM LavaTM crowns, and 3M’s advanced digital workflow solutions,” said Jeffrey Lavers, vice president and general manager, 3M ESPE. “Together, we will have an end-to-end implantology solution, making the process easier, faster and better for dentists everywhere.”

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