NanoTitanium – Ultra Fine Grain Metal receives FDA approval

Manhattan Scientifics has announced that its NanoTitanium product has been approved by the FDA. The patented new form of titanium metal originally developed by Russian scientists in concert with scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory is expected to significantly improve dental implants. Studies have shown that bone integrates with these new metals up to 20 times faster than with conventional metals. Patients should experience shorter post surgery healing times and a more reliable integration of these new implants into their body. NanoTitanium is highly compatible with bone and is
thought to provide stronger, faster bonding with improved strength, biocompatibility, longer life and improved wear and tear.
Founded in 2001, Metallicum (recently acquired by Manhattan Scientifics) has developed methods to modify the microstructure of metals by “nanostructuring”
them. This procedure simultaneously increases
the biocompatibility and strength of virtually any
metal. For example, nanostructuring pure titanium
(the material that is most commonly used in dental
implants) can more than double its strength, making it
stronger than most existing titanium alloys. The ability
of bone cells to attach to nanostructured pure titanium
surfaces at rates greater than 100% higher than
with conventional alloys enables the development
and marketing of a dental implant that can be fully
integrated and useable with half the healing time of
existing products.

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