Stem Cells used to Regenerate Dentin and PDL in a HA Implant

Using stem cells harvested from the extracted wisdom teeth of young adults, researchers have successfully generated tooth root and supporting tooth ligaments to support a crown restoration in experiments using miniature pigs.
The restored tooth mirrored the original tooth in function and strength, the research team reports in the December issue of the open access medical journal PLoS ONE. The technique holds promise for use in humans, the investigators say.
Dr. Songtao Shi said: “In this study, we use stem cell technology to generate `a bio-root and periodontal tissue` along with dental clinical porcelain crown technique to restore tooth function in swine (mini-pig). Implant patients must have sufficient bone in the jaw to support the implant. For those who don`t, this therapy would be a great alternative,” Shi said in a statement.

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